Graph Digitizer

Graph Digitizer 2.13

Graph Digitizer assists in the graphing of forms and maps

"Graph Digitizer software program is designed for developers and designers for the digitization of orthogonal charts from various formats including papers, books, and other tangible documents.

The image file of the input graph should be in the form of . bmp, . jpg, . tif or . gif. If there is not a digital file, a scan of the graph can be downloaded and pasted to the clipboard.

Not only good images can be used, less than perfect images can be edited and rotated by the Graph Digitizer software program. This application can automatically match the axes of a file, as well as the curve tracing of line plots and point matching of point plots.

The program supports drag-and-drop and copy-and-paste allowing for even faster data transfer. There is also an image processing tool that highlights data by removing grid lines and backgrounds.

When the file is complete, the Graph Digitizer software program will allow for the export to Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice CALC, gnuplot, gnumeric, MATLAB and Mathematica.

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Graph Digitizer


Graph Digitizer 2.13

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